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The Raymond Corporation (a Toyota Industries Company) University Research Program is a sponsored research program created to drive the next generation of technology for the material handling industry. The industry’s end-to-end approach to provide complete solutions to customers that are smarter, more efficient and more effective has fueled this program. The mission is to encourage professors and researchers to apply their knowledge of engineering and technical fields, drawing synergies and collaboration between collegiate research and The Raymond Corporation.


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Through the University Research Program, The Raymond Corporation is seeking proposals that innovate and elevate the material handling industry.

Proposal themes related to these areas are encouraged, but given the broad nature of material handling, other themes are welcome. Each theme is followed by a question that a project could address as an example. Examples of previous themes below:

The Future of Logistics

  1. Material handing in an uncertain future | How should industry prepare for future supply chain disruptions?
  2. Material handling in a “smart city” | What equipment and distribution facilities are needed to support smart cities?
  3. Warehouse design | What equipment is needed for a revolutionary new facility that combines retail, e-commerce, inventory storage and reverse logistics and what does the facility look like?
  4. Urban and suburban package delivery | How could goods be configured just before delivery?

Improving Material Handling

  1. Automation and material handling | What hardware and software can ease the transition to automation?
  2. Advanced sensors for material handling | What new technology can be used for indoor location tracking, measuring wear or monitoring ergonomics?
  3. Advanced vision systems and material handling | How could productivity be improved with vision systems enabled by lower cost, higher performing computers?

Truck and Operation Evolution

  1. Industrial design of vehicles | What new materials and processes can improve the design, manufacturability and sustainability of material handling vehicles?
  2. Operator ergonomics | How can digital twins and human factors improve operator productivity?
  3. Neurotechnology applications in material handling | How could operator productivity improve with a direct connection to the human brain or an indirect haptic connection?


URP Proposal Timeline

* Timeline phases due at the end of each month

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Review eligibility and evaluation criteria for The Raymond Corporation University Research Program. Download the Program Overview document for complete details on how to submit your proposal. Complete proposals and supporting documents should be uploaded to the URP Application Portal. If you have any issues setting up a profile or uploading your application, please contact us at [email protected].

  • Eligibility
  • Evaluation Criteria
  • Proposal Finalists
  • Webinars
  • Concept Paper
  • Downloads


  • Full-time professors or researchers in North American universities are eligible to apply for one to two years of research.
  • The University Research Program's  Proposal Confirmation Letter must be approved without modification by the university as part of the proposal submission process.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Research must contribute to the field of material handling.
  • Research must be significant, innovative and have a positive impact on the future of material handling.
  • Research effort must be well planned and feasible within the time period specified and budget requested.
  • Researchers and principal investigators must be qualified in the proposed field of research.

Proposal Finalists

  • Selected proposals will receive financial support of up to $250,000 for one year. It is anticipated that multiple awards will be made.
  • Faculty that receive financial support through the University Research Program may be invited to renew the contract based on the research outcomes.


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“How to Prepare a Successful URP Application”

Learn how to effectively prepare a URP application to increase your chances of receiving up to $500,000 in grant funding for your research project. In this webinar, URP Ambassador Steve Medwin shares his tips and advice on how to make your research grant proposal stand out from the crowd. Click here >

Concept Paper

Professors are encouraged (but not required) to submit a one-page concept paper explaining their proposal.

  • This is the equivalent of a one-page executive summary.
  • No budget or schedule is expected.
  • Overall program is typically completed in 12 months but up to 24 months if needed.
  • In addition, a one-page mini poster with images, graphs and photos is also encouraged to help illustrate the proposal.
  • Feedback will be focused on alignment with the overall theme and Raymond’s interests and will be provided within 30 days.
  • Comments on the one-page paper will not be part of the evaluation of the submitted final proposal.
  • Concept papers may be submitted throughout the year. Full applications are reviewed quarterly.

Contact Steve Medwin, University Ambassador, at [email protected] if there are any questions.

Screenshot of a PDF document View Concept Paper Example (PDF)



For questions regarding The Raymond Corporation University Research Program, please contact us: [email protected]

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